Projektowanie i aranżacja wnętrz



Our offer is a comprehensive interior design of residential, office and public buildings. We also manage consultations relating to the design and selection of materials. We can also make and perform furniture designs for homes and offices on individual request.



We talk to the client about his needs, we elaborate many concepts of solutions, our comprehensive projects include an estimate realization. We agree with the customer all the important details and functional aspects of the project.



Implementation has to be consistent with the intent design and in the next phase of cooperation we act as a partial or full oversight of executive support and control of the supply of finishing materials strictly at the customer’s request. As a result, we operate “from the project” to receive “turnkey”.


We respect our customers and we are flexible in our operations area. We agree and adapt both the suggested projects and the range of our actions matching the individual preferences of our customers.

In our architectural office we offer:

  •  commercial interior projects
  •  creation of a new space for your clients in the offices and excellent workplace for your employees
  • offices, beauty salons, pubs, workplaces, hotel receptions, space in front of the workplaces
  • modernization , etc.
  • designing and making stalls and also shopping islands,
  • accomplishing friendly space to serve customers in banks, hotels, etc.
  • private interior designs
  • giving a new form of apartment blocks and apartment house,
  • transforming lofts into functional spaces for a studio or apartment
  • designing a house from scratch or carry out the modernization of already existing


The range of our activities also offer:

  • a full documentation of architecture,
  • inventory the object,
  • development of functional interiors,
  • detailed drawings,
  • projections, sections,
  • wall projects,
  • floor plan,
  • design of rigging ceilings,
  • electrical installation design – lighting, distribution outlets and switches
  • hydraulic system design and central heading
  • list of materials
  • design furniture for individual orders,
  • full selection of interior fittings including furniture, lamps and accessories
  • supervision of the project, along with visits to construction.